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Paul Oxley's Unit - ' All the Gods were Happy' New album - Online release date 2019 (CD pre-sale July 2018)

To celebrate PaulOxley's Unit's 40 year anniversary, the band will release their 6th studio album, 'All the Gods were Happy'. Recorded in Vaasa with producer Janne Hyöty, 'All the Gods' is a nostalgic trip into memories past, and reflective thoughts of what might be. Charged with emotional performances by Paul and the Unit, it leaps from sad memories of lost and unrequited love, in songs such as 'Barbara' and 'The wizard of Os', to angry concern for the human race in 'Bigfoot' and 'Every body's out to Get Ya'. Songs such as 'A Shot in the Dark' and 'Any way the wind blows' are classic Oxley tracks brought right up to date by Janne Hyöty's clever production. This is an album that Oxley fans are going to love and hopefully people new to the Unit are going to discover, to their delight.



Paul Oxley's Unit - 'Black Gold' album release, 4th March 2016

For those who remember the 'Living in the Western World' album and the domination of the Finnish pop charts in 1981 by a certain Anglo/Finnish band, March 2016 will be an occasion to celebrate, as the legendary 'Paul Oxley's Unit' release a brand new album for the first time in 20 years!

With 3 singles from the album already having topped the radio charts and the latest single, 'The Prisoner' poised to do the same, the band is enjoying a new wave of energy at the moment. Added to this, a string of successful gigs & festivals in 2015, which saw them play to over 25,000 people, and an even more impressive tour list lined up for this year, the new Unit album is likely to be the 'must have' album of 2016!

10 fresh, original tracks show Paul Oxley at his very best as a songwriter and the band retain all the fire and charisma that set them aside from all the other bands who were around in the early 80's.

On availability, Paul had the following to say about the upcoming release:

"We've been making a lot of decisions about the new album and it looks like we will sell the CD only in the shops and from our own website at (downloads will be available from there too), at least at the beginning.
It was a hard decision to keep it from the streaming sites but we felt that not only do the artists get paid peanuts but they spoil the appreciation of albums too. 'Black Gold' was made to be enjoyed as complete listening experience and not in bits and pieces. The artwork and lyric booklet are part of that too. We hope the fans will support us in this and spread the word"

Black Gold Track List:
1. Black gold
2. Our little secret
3. The prisoner
4. Eyes open
5. Helsinki town
6. Monkey business
7. Who we are
8. On a roll
9. Lifeline
10. How hard can it be?

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'The Prisoner' - Single - Press release:

Fresh out for 2016 is the brand new single from Paul Oxley's Unit. After three successful singles in 2015 'The Prisoner' heralds the release of the bands much anticipated album 'Black Gold' which is soon to follow.
The Prisoner is the only song on the album which is co-written. That honour falling to 'king of J-Pop Janne Hyöty from Vaasa. Paul and Janne have written several songs together, most notably a number 1 platinum selling hit in Japan for KAT-TUN and the remarkable 'Cider Hill' which came 2nd in the Finnish Eurovision final and was a hit for Nina Lassander.
'The Prisoner' was actually produced for Eurovision and when the guys couldn't find anyone to sing it in time, Paul actually sang the demo himself. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), the song didn't get through to the competition and was shelved. "I always loved the song" said Paul "and when I was finalising the songs for the album, I realised it was a perfect Paul Oxley's Unit track and when we tried it out with the band it became an absolute certainty for the album".
The lyrics and main melody were written in the heart of a Finnish winter, when Paul was feeling particularly isolated and homesick, The Prisoner is an honest glimpse of the ex-pat songwriters anguish; "Sometimes I feel like a prisoner in my own bed, my own head" although the upbeat tempo and the positive, philosophical outlook; "Maybe I'll get lucky and just turn this thing around," give the listener a good feeling, despite the melancholy message.

Paul Oxley's Unit are now filling in dates for their 2016 tour to promote 'Black Gold'. "We are so looking forward to touring this year after working so hard on the album" explains Paul. "It's been two years in the making and now we just want to go out and perform it live - along with our old hits of course. The fans would shout the house down if we didn't do 'Spanish Bars' and 'Terry's Inside'" laughs Paul.

'Helsinki Town' - Single - Press release:

It's always been hard to pigeonhole Paul Oxley's Unit. They had a boyband following in the early 80's but were never really a boyband. They wrote all their own songs, played all their own instruments – and brilliantly as critics have often pointed out. They have done countless comebacks according to the press, but according to the band, they never really went away. In fact at the start of the latest wave of interest, which has seen two top ten hits, a "Single of the year" award in September for Eyes Open and summer stadium gigs for thousands of people, Paul quipped that the band are not doing a comeback, the audience are.

One Twitter post from a young girl summed up their chameleon like quality: "I thought Paul Oxley's Unit was a new British pop band".

After 35 years, they are as strong as ever. In fact the new music is every bit as powerful and relevant as their iconic 80's hits such as Living in the Western World, Spanish bars, The beat of your heart and Terry's Inside. "The new album Black Gold has been nearly two years in the making and I think the fans are now very keen to get their hands on it, as they have heard a few of the songs on the live gigs and, judging by the response, well - they seem to like them", smiles Paul.

The band have recently signed to Live Nation so they hope to gig further afield from now on. "In the 80's we must have played every town in Finland" says Paul "and it would be nice to travel back to some of those places and see if the fans are still alive and kicking". Live gigs are what the Unit does best and was part of their enormous appeal in earlier years when thousands of fans followed the band around the country on their record breaking tours.

Friday 9th October sees the release of the bands 3rd single Helsinki Town. "It's a kind of drinking, shouting, football anthem, singalong type of song, which shouldn't be taken too seriously", Paul relates. It's a little 'tongue in cheek' but Paul's love of Finland is obviously apparent in the lyrics.