Paul Oxley's Unit


Paul Oxley's Unit are a platinum selling Anglo/Finnish band who have been touring and releasing albums since the early eighties. The current line up is: Paul Oxley - Vocals (UK), Uffe Enberg - Guitars (Finland), Kjell Ekholm - Bass (Finland), Nicke Björkqvist - Drums (Finland), Rob Dominis - Keyboards (USA).

The bands vocalist and songwriter is Paul Oxley (Real name Malcolm Campbell from Wythenshawe, Manchester). The original members of the band were Swedish speaking Finns Uffe Enberg (guitar), Kjell Ekholm (bass) Janne Romberg (drums) and Björn Åkerberg (piano), who were touring as the 'Basement Band' before Paul joined. Bjorn left the band just before the 'Living in the Western World' album was recorded in 1980 and Brian Hammond, Paul's friend from Manchester was recruited, although not in time to play on the first album. Those honours went to ABBA's backroom boy Anders Eljas and Stephan Hindstrom.

Paul Oxley's UnitAt first the band was called Paul Oxley's Radio and with this name they released their first single, "Another Heartbreak/The Judge and the Jury" which had a reasonable amount of airplay in Finnish radio stations in 1980 and went to No5 in the charts but the real first taste of success came around the summer gigs of 1981 and from the debut album 'Living in the Western World'. Released in autumn of the same year, the album's melodic and energetic pop sold its way to the Finnish youth so well, that over 65 000 copies were sold, pushing it over the platinum marker and, by today's standards, double platinum.

The album reached No1 in the charts and stayed there for 17 weeks. The biggest hits from the album and possibly the most internationally recognized were "Spanish Bars", "Terry's Inside" and the album's namesake song "Living in the Western World."

The summer 1982 tour, Paul Oxley's Unit - Live in the Western World, was a success and, again in the autumn of the same year, a new album was released. It was called 'Both Sides of the Equator' and reached gold record status with over 35 000 copies sold.
By the start of 1983, the band had changed its name to "Unit 6" and it released an LP named "After the Party." The band then broke up, and the British members moved back to United Kingdom. In 1987 the record label CBS (Now Sonymusic) released a compilation album of the band's songs, "The Paul Oxley's Unit Collection". By then, all of the band's records had been released in CD -format. In total, the band has sold over 100,000 physical records. Terry's Inside and Spanish Bars are both included in the top 100 songs of all time in Finland.

In 1995 Oxley returned for a holiday trip to Finland to meet his old friends, and the band was briefly put together (without Hammond) for a one-time gig. The concert, however, turned out to be quite popular and the members of the band thought about a bigger comeback. In 1996 they did in fact release a new album "The Magic", the drummer now replaced by Niklas Björkqvist and the keyboards now manned by Johan Lyander. A tour was made in the spring of 1997. Paul, now married and living in the UK, returned frequently to tour with the band but no new records were released.

Paul moved permanently back to Finland in 2009 and made a solo album entitled 'Eden Wakes. After touring with his own band from Vaasa and making a couple of singles with 'The Acoustic Steam Band, the 'Living in the Western World' 30 year anniversary album/DVD came out.

To celebrate the bands 35th year anniversary Paul Oxley's Unit went into the studio together for the first time in 18 years. As a result the new album 'Black Gold' will be released in 2016. The first single, 'Eyes Open' did well on the radio charts reaching No2 on the Vega chart and No4 on the Suomi chart and also No4 in the iTunes Rock Chart. The second single 'Lifeline' was released on April 24th and went straight to No1 on the YLE Vega chart. The band's 3rd single achieved No1 on iTunes Rock chart, No1 on YLE vega and No4 on Radio Suomi.