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Legendary band Paul Oxley's Unit are due to release a their first studio album since 'The Magic' in 1996! It will be called 'Black Gold' and the first single 'Eyes Open' is now available. The Black Gold tour starts in October 2014.

About POU
As a touring band, POU have never been off the scene. They have performed gigs, almost every year, since their enormous success in the early 80's, when apart from selling over 100,000 albums, they also found time to break many attendance records with their gigs. The famous tour of 1982 sold out 36 gigs in 35 days with a record audience at every gig. The last few years have seen a rising popularity for the band and they have performed to packed houses all over Finland, even without a new album to promote. 2014 is a new era for the band as they work in the studio for the first time together in 18 years! The band are excited about the new release but are hugely looking forward to hitting the road once again.

The tour line up
The band's line up still has three original members plus drummer Nicke Björkqvist, who has been with the band since 1996. USA born, Rob Dominis will also join the tour.

Paul Oxley - Vocals (UK)
Uffe Enberg - Guitars (Finland))
Kjell Ekholm - Bass (Finland)
Nicke Björkqvist - Drums (Finland)
Rob Dominis - Keyboards (USA)

The New Single – Eyes Open
The first single from the album, 'Eyes Open' is a powerful Pop/Rock classic. Discordant and symphonic in parts, with echoes from the 80”s but spiced with modern sound. The tell tale 'Unit style' still shines through in the production whilst the haunting video filmed in Helsinki and Ekenäs, features many friends and fans.


The New Album – Black Gold
In the words of Paul, the new album; Black Gold, “has the same mixture of subtle, political comments and classic pop songs as Living in the Western World. For some reason, I felt myself in the same mind-set as when I wrote the songs for LWW”, for example the title track discusses one of the real reasons behind most conflicts these days, in it's reference to fossil fuels. Sacrifice contains the line; “There's nothing more I fear than a man with an idea” and, on the other side of the coin, songs like Our little Secret and I miss those Days reveal Paul's sentimental side, in a similar vein to The Right kind of Love and Terry's Inside.

Why has it taken 18 years for Paul Oxley's Unit to release another album?
“It just seemed like the right time” says Paul “I don't like the idea of making albums for the sake of money, or to fulfil a contract. For me, making an album is almost a spiritual experience and the songs come from the soul. Black Gold has been a long time coming but hopefully it will have a depth and substance that people will recognise as meaningful and will want to play over and over again. The band are very enthusiastic about the songs and can't wait to go out and perform them live. “That's the environment we love, connecting with the people and judging by the feedback we have had on social media, there are still a few fans out there” says Paul.

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