Paul Oxley's Unit, Finland

'All the Gods were Happy' New Album 2018 - Out 10th May 2019

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Paul Oxley's Unit - Thank You and Goodnight tour - 2019

Legendary band Paul Oxley's Unit are to split up in the Autumn and will perform their last ever gig at
Tavastia, Helsinki on 31.10.2019. The Unit has been gigging constantly since their formation in 1979 and have had many No 1 hit's and gold and platinum albums. Their final album 'All the gods were happy' will be released on 10th May.
"The band has decided that after 40 years playing together, it's a good time to call it a day, as we all have different projects and interests and although we would all like to carry on, it takes a lot of time, money and energy to keep a rock band going in the present musical climate. We have had many incredible moments and want to thank our loyal fans for their fantastic support over the years. We are planning a goodbye tour for the Autumn and will play as many gigs as we can over the summer to say goodbye to everyone," explains Paul.

For the tour, the 3 original members Paul Oxley, Kjell Ekholm and Uffe Enberg will be joined by regular
drummer Niklas Björkvist (who has played with the band for the last 23 years), Rob Dominis (USA) on
keyboards and a very talented string quartet from Helsinki lead by Lotta Ahlbeck. Paul Oxley's Unit will
play all their classic songs, such as Spanish Bars, Terry's

Paul Oxley's Unit - ' All the Gods were Happy'

To celebrate PaulOxley's Unit's 40 year anniversary, the band will release their 6th studio album, 'All the Gods were Happy'. Recorded in Vaasa with producer Janne Hyöty, 'All the Gods' is a nostalgic trip into memories past, and reflective thoughts of what might be. Charged with emotional performances by Paul and the Unit, it leaps from sad memories of lost and unrequited love, in songs such as 'Barbara' and 'The wizard of Os', to angry concern for the human race in 'Bigfoot' and 'Every body's out to Get Ya'. Songs such as 'A Shot in the Dark' and 'Any way the wind blows' are classic Oxley tracks brought right up to date by Janne Hyöty's clever production. This is an album that Oxley fans are going to love and hopefully people new to the Unit are going to discover, to their delight.

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